Graduate Student Article Award Winners


The Oxford Bibliographies Graduate Student Article Award was an invitation-only annual award, from 2012-2016, which offered experienced doctoral candidates an opportunity to contribute to Oxford Bibliographies. This competition offerred graduate students a unique chance to draw attention to their work and to add a peer-reviewed publication to their CVs. Invitation was by faculty nomination only and featured a rigorous selection and approval process. Rigorous quality controls such as external peer review and editorial board approval permitted only the highest quality contributions to reach publication.


2012 Award Winners

Oxford Bibliographies in Atlantic History

Religion in the British Civil Wars
Rachel Schnepper
Washington and Lee University

Poverty in the Early Modern English Atlantic
David Hitchcock
University of Warwick

Women Prophets
Elizabeth Bouldin
Emory University

Political Participation in the Nineteenth Century Atlantic World
Marieke Polfliet
Le Centre national de la recherche scientifique

Oxford Bibliographies in Buddhism

Chinese Buddhist Publishing and Print Culture, 1900-1950
Gregory Scott
Columbia University

Buddhism and Religious Tourism
Courtney Bruntz
Graduate Theological Union

Intersections Between Buddhism and Hinduism in Thailand
Nathan McGovern
University of California, Santa Barbara

Oxford Bibliographies in Communication

Religious Rhetoric
Michael Souders
University of Washington

Oxford Bibliographies in Music

Music Sustainability
Catherine Grant
Griffith University

Early-Modern British Metrical Psalmody (1535-1700)
Timothy Duguid
University of Edinburgh

North Africa
Kristy Barbacane
Columbia University

Sound Art
Mandy-Suzanne Wong
University of California, Los Angeles

Oxford Bibliographies in Philosophy

Aaron Griffith
University of California, Irvine

Ethical Intuitionism
Robert Cowan
University of Glasgow

Impossible Worlds
Ira Kiourti
University of London

The Evidential Support Relation in Epistemology
Ryan Byerly
Baylor University

John Locke: Identity, Persons, and Personal Identity
Ruth Boeker
University of Melbourne

Oxford Bibliographies in Victorian Literature

William Barnes
Martin Dubois
Newcastle University

2013 Award Winners

Oxford Bibliographies in Atlantic History

Natural History
David Beck
University of Warwick

Christopher Vernon
University of Warwick

Oxford Bibliographies in Cinema and Media Studies

Dziga Vertov
Alla Gadassik
University of Toronto

Film Sound Design
Laura Anderson
University of Leeds

New Media Policy
Danny Kimball
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Oxford Bibliographies in Criminology

Lead and Crime
Kimberly Barrett
Eastern Michigan University

Oxford Bibliographies in Education

Children's Beliefs about Intelligence
Linda Bonne
Victoria University of Wellington

Oxford Bibliographies in International Relations

World Polity School
Didem Buhari-Gulmez
Oxford Brookes University

Oxford Bibliographies in Islamic Studies

Islam in Nigeria
Alexander Thurston
Georgetown University

Oxford Bibliographies in Latin American Studies

History of the Brazilian Northeast
Courtney J. Campbell
Vanderbilt University

Oxford Bibliographies in Military History

Jacques Antoine Hippolyte, Comte de Guibert
Jonathan Abel
University of North Texas

Oxford Bibliographies in Music

Emiliano Ricciardi
University of Massachusetts Amherst

English Catholic Music after the Reformation to 1750
Andrew Cichy
University of Oxford

Oxford Bibliographies in Philosophy

Idealizations in Science
Ashley Graham Kennedy
Florida Atlantic University

Ontological Dependence
Naomi Thompson
University of Birmingham

Reasons in Epistemology
Kurt Sylvan
University of Southampton

Marc Champagne
University of Helsinki

Oxford Bibliographies in Political Science

Democratic Theory
Michael Laurence
Western University

Hybrid Regimes
Jean-François Gagné
CÉRIUM, University of Montreal

The Spectacle
David Penner
Trent University

Oxford Bibliographies in Social Work

Maternal Mental Health
Sara Cullen
University of Pennsylvania

School-Based Delinquency Prevention
Katherine Montgomery
Washington University in St. Louis

2014 Award Winners


Oxford Bibliographies in Music

Classical Music in Cuba
Marysol Quevedo
Indiana University

Micaela Baranello
Smith College